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IE PSW Program Details

CDSBEO PSW Certificate Program
This intensive training program is intended to provide individuals with the theoretical, clinical and practical knowledge and skill sets needed to perform personal support tasks, as a collaborative member of a client’s health care/support team. Whether applying these skills in the community and/or facility based setting, our program philosophy incorporates the principles of promoting client independence, dignity, safety and the delivery of compassionate care.  This program follows the training standards set out by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and graduates must demonstrate competency in fourteen (14) vocational learning outcomes, (VLO) and essential employability skills (ESS) learning outcomes, divided between six (6) program courses, a supervised clinical placement (110 hours) and Cooperative/Consolidation Placements (270 hours).
Program Courses:

This course includes but is not limited to the training elements to have the student reliably demonstrate the ability to work within the personal support worker role in community, retirement homes, long-term care homes and/or hospital care settings; act responsibly and be accountable for one’s own actions while recognizing the boundaries of knowledge and skills within the personal support worker role and participate as a member of the inter-professional care/service team.
Health Care Learning Goals:

To have the student reliably demonstrate the ability to provide client-centered and client-directed care that is based on ethical principles, sensitive to diverse client and family values, beliefs and needs, and which follows the direction of the care/service plan. Promote and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for clients, their families, self and others; assist clients across the lifespan with routine activities of daily living.