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About St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School

Situated in Cornwall, Ontario, St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School is the flagship school for the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. The first Catholic high school in the region, St. Joseph’s grew rapidly to meet the needs of a divers population. Since its creation in the late 1980’s, it has inspired the construction of four new Catholic high schools in the Eastern Ontario region. The student population comes from seven Catholic elementary feeder schools as well as students from the public system. The student body, although predominately Caucasian, also consists of Native Canadians; African-Canadians; and a growing immigrant population (predominantly East Indian and Sri Lankan).

St. Joseph’s is a comprehensive four-year Catholic School with 800 students in grades 9-12. It operates on a semester system (September-January; February-June), with students taking four classes each semester. A French Immersion program is offered to help students pursue bilingualism. The Co-op program provides opportunities for students to experience the world of work while earning credits. As well, the Dual Credit program helps students earn credits and gain exposure to the local college, St. Lawrence College. Since the inception of provincial standardized testing in Ontario in the late 1990’s, St. Joseph’s has consistently performed above the provincial average.