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All of our schools have a school uniform and the uniform code of conduct.  Our uniforms are made by McCarthy Uniforms www.mccarthyuniforms.ca and most schools have a store located in the school.  Click this link Uniform Policies update September 2018 to access the School Board Uniform Policy.

Most of the males wear the golf shirt (dry fit or cotton) and pants. Weather permitting they will also wear the walking shorts.

Females will choose either the school kilt or pants in combination with the blouse or golf shirt.  Weather permitting they will also wear the walking shorts.

School shoes are supposed to be “All black” with black laces.  If the soles are white or there is a Nike swoosh this is not a problem.  A good estimate is 75% black.  The boys usually wear a running/skater shoe and the ladies will do the same unless they wear “flats” with their kilts.

Physical Education shoes can be any colour!  Physical Education clothes are a kit consisting of shorts and school t-shirt.

The items and colours for each school can be found at the following links.  Some of the schools will have more information on their own websites.


Holy Trinity CSS www.mccarthyuniforms.ca/shop/school/458#allProducts
St. Joseph CSS www.mccarthyuniforms.ca/shop/school/455#allProducts
Notre Dame CHS www.mccarthyuniforms.ca/shop/school/454#allProducts
St. Mary CHS www.mccarthyuniforms.ca/shop/school/540#allProducts
St. Michael CHS www.mccarthyuniforms.ca/shop/school/124#allProducts
St. Thomas Aquinas CHS www.mccarthyuniforms.ca/shop/school/456#allProducts
St. Francis CHS www.mccarthyuniforms.ca/shop/school/163#allProducts
St. John CHS www.mccarthyuniforms.ca/shop/school/457#allProducts