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Students' home away from home.

Being part of a Canadian homestay family is an enriching experience for an international student. Students will live with an English-speaking family, allowing them an opportunity to practice their English while learning about the Canadian lifestyle and culture. The student’s whole educational experience is enhanced, and they will quickly grow in their English communication skills and learn about Canadian culture. Supportive families help students navigate the cultural differences they see in everyday life and the Canadian education system.

Homestay Families Needed!

The CDSBEO is looking for eager families to host international students attending our schools.  CDSBEO desires a cross-section of family profiles (large, small, no children, active, quiet, artistic, sporty, retired, urban, rural, etc.) to match our diverse student profiles.

Sharing cultural and family opportunities with an international student is a rewarding experience that often develops long-lasting friendships and connections.  Families are paid an honorarium per month for hosting a student.  

  • Each host welcomes the students into their families for this unique study abroad program.
  • Families would share their “typical daily life” and invite their students to join the family activities.
  • We match students and families that complement each other concerning gender, interests, food preferences, activity levels, etc.
  • Students may attend CDSBEO schools for an academic year, a semester, or several months. Choose your experience!

Consider referring this opportunity to a relative or neighbour you think might benefit from this experience!  We need the full support of our entire CDSBEO community!

  1. Apply to be a Host Family!
  2. An Homestay Coordinator will arrange to meet you in your home.

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