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Are you planning to return to the CDSBEO International Education Program?

Are you currently enrolled as an International Student with the CDSBEO and intend to continue your education with us?  If so, please review the steps below, complete and submit the International Education Renewal Form.

  • Notify us about your intention to return, which will generate an invoice and a new Letter of Acceptance that you will need to extend your Study Permit,
  • Gather your updated personal information for our files,
  • Facilitate payment of fees, and
  • Provide a copy of your valid Study Permit.

All updated documents are to be submitted to

Renewal Form

International Education Renewal Form


**Host an International Student**

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario in partnership with MLI Homestay is seeking families to host international students ranging from Grades 7-12.

CDSBEO Board Meeting Highlights from meeting February 6, 2018

Dave Chaplin, Head of the International Education Program, Principal of Hanley Hall School of Alternative & Continuing Education began, “The program has experienced a lot of growth over the three years, and we are pleased with its overall success.”

“The International Program is an opportunity for students from across the globe to enjoy the benefits of a first class Catholic education system. The program also provides our own students with the opportunity to benefit from daily interactions with international students. It is our hope that this learning opportunity will bring a global perspective into the classroom and help promote diversity and foster cultural awareness in CDSBEO schools.”

Principals and staff have played an important role in welcoming the students and ensuring their wellbeing, and the experience has been extremely positive.

International students coming into the Board have the opportunity to enhance their language skills, and experience the richness of Canadian culture. Moving forward, the Board will continue to support current partners, and will expand and develop new partnerships.

Students from Mexico City, Spain, and China spoke to the Board about their most memorable moments.

Ana “I wanted to study abroad because my older brother went to study in France, and he told me about his experiences. When he came back I noticed a change in him – he was more mature. I wanted a similar experience,” she explained. “In Mexico, there is no such thing as a locker, and I didn’t know how to open a lock! Since arriving here, I have become more independent, and my English has improved. The people at Notre Dame where I am studying are really nice, and I like that people are interested in learning about my culture and where I am from.”

Juan noted that he likes the way that students learn in Canada. “In Spain we spend more time studying and listening, but here we speak more, and do more projects, and less exams and tests, so, I prefer that type of learning.”

Xiyan noted that his parents really wanted him to learn through experiences. “My parents really wanted me to see more and to learn abroad. I really like the school in Canada because we go for a six hour school day, and in China we have a 16 hour school day! My teachers are friendly, and I really feel the sense of community at Notre Dame. I also really like my host family. It’s been a really, really great experience to meet all of these new friends here in Canada.”

He continued, “I do find that it’s really, really cold here – in Beijing -10 is just -10, it’s not -10 but feels like its -20! And also, I really don’t like the snow in Canada, but my favourite thing in Canada is snow days!”

Excursion to Niagara Falls

A group of our International Education Students took advantage of a PA Day in October and traveled to Niagara Falls with a couple of their MLI Homestay Coordinators.  They had a wonderful time touring on this three day excursion.

One of the attractions they experienced was the Voyage to the Falls Cruise.


Everyone had a blast at Glow in the Dark Bowling!                             


Greetings from the Falls!



















Winter Fun!


One of Canada’s number one winter pastimes is skating.

In the photo on the left, our International Student from Mexico is capturing her day at the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa, the world’s largest rink!

In the other two photos, our International Students from China are having fun skating with their classmates at the local arena in Westport.

International Students from Japan attended the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario

Grade 9 students from Jissen Gakuen High School in Tokyo, Japan arrived in Perth on January 26th2016.  The students studied alongside the students at St. John Catholic High School for 2nd semester and they lived with host families in the Perth area.

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario in conjunction with Muskoka Language International have partnered with the Jissen Gakuen High School in Japan to provide their students the opportunity to attend school in Canada. The focus on the partnership is to provide students from Japan a new cultural education experience to help improve their English language skills. As well as studying English as a second language students had the opportunity to study other courses of interest.

The students and staff at St. John Catholic High School had a very warm welcome for the students from Japan.